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The Manuka Essentials Story

Hello. Welcome to Manuka Essentials. So glad you're here.

My name is Callum Armstrong. I started this business with a vision of bringing great quality, New Zealand made mānuka and kānuka products to the world.

Here in Aotearoa (Māori for New Zealand), we have lots of skilled producers - farmers, artisans and beekeepers who are renowned for making top quality crafts. It is with great pride that we bring to you these items from some of the most pure and pristine areas of our beautiful country.


Why mānuka you may ask?

Mānuka honey is widely known for its great taste and powerful healing properties. However, few people have heard about mānuka oil, kānuka oil, mānuka tea and the range of other goods that are made from these ingredients. They have extraordinary healing abilities. Truly remarkable.

We have created a knowledge base that makes it easy to learn about what makes this shrub so special. For many centuries, native Māori used mānuka and kānuka for a wide range of purposes. Modern science is now catching up.

As Manuka Essentials develops, we will aim to source as much inventory from local producers in rural and remote parts of New Zealand as possible. This allows us to bring you unique items that are hard to find elsewhere, and provides local producers with another way to bring their goods to market and expose their brands to the world. It's a win-win for everyone involved.


Sustainability matters.

Mānuka (and kānuka) are seral species. This means that they function as an intermediate stage in the regeneration of native forest. Mānuka seed pods are light and easily carried by the wind. They can survive in almost any environment, and grow very fast. This allows mānuka to spread rapidly, and grow back not long after being harvested.

When mānuka begins growing in new areas, it provides canopy cover which protects smaller plants that are just getting started. This creates a safe environment for slower growing native species, and helps to prevent the establishment of weeds. Mānuka develops deep and flexible root systems that reduce erosion and binds riverbanks together - helping to preserve land and improve water quality in the process.


"By consuming products made from mānuka and kānuka, you are supporting a sustainable supply chain that has positive environmental effects."


Thanks to the booming mānuka honey industry, landowners throughout NZ are replanting mānuka. In the long run, I sincerely hope that this will have a profound impact on the health of our land, the quality of our soils and the cleanliness of our air and waterways.

Farmland is beautiful, but imagine if more of New Zealand was returned to native bush, and people could earn a decent income for doing so - wouldn't that be awesome?

Developing great products with the power of mānuka oil

 Alongside stocking products from local companies and artisans, we are also developing an exciting range of consumer products under the Manuka Essentials brand. If you are a retailer and would like to sell any of our products, then please contact us for more information.


Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable Aotearoa

Manuka Essentials is on a mission to represent the best producers around New Zealand, and create a business that benefits our environment - but we can't do it without you.

If you like what we're doing here, and wish to support our mission, feel free to connect with us on social media, join the conversation, and sign up to our newsletter.



Callum Armstrong 

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 Founder, Manuka Essentials