What Our Customers Say

James William Dowie

I have been using the Beard oil on the Customers at my Barbershop with great feedback from all, they love the smell, the feel and the hygienic properties the manuka oil. I have been using the oil on my own beard as well for the last month with amazing results, the scent mixes well with my cologne (Issey Miyake) and my beard always feels soft and looks kempt.
I have also been trialing the Skin Oil on my customers after cut-throat face/scalp shaves with great results. It really helps to soothe the skin after shaving, for those that use aftershave moisturisers I highly recommend upgrading from whatever you're currently using to the Skin Oil.

Niki Chawla

Facebook: Niki Chawla

I love the Ultimate Skin Oil so much!!! I use it nearly every day on my face and it leaves my skin looking so fresh and hydrated!! The smell of the oil is actually so nice, I've never loved using oils so much! My skin hasn't looked this good in so long!!
I also recently got a rash/allergic reaction from a flight and it wasn't going. My mum told me to apply oil on the irritated area, and so I applied my Ultimate skin oil and overnight, the rash had settled and disappeared!
I'm in love with this product!!

Cameron Holder

Facebook: Cameron Holder

I suffer from dry skin after shaving my face. I have been applying the Manuka Essentials Ultimate Skin Oil post-shave and it has been working fantastically.

Unlike most oils that leave your face feeling oily and your pores feeling clogged this product soaks into the skin and leaves a nice fragrance. Thoroughly recommend this product to anyone looking for a moisturizer substitute!

Teneille Ruissen

Absolutely LOVE the skin oil for normal skin. I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and i suffer from red hormonal acne, so introducing new skincare can be a concern - especially an oil, but since using I’ve noticed that it’s reduced my redness significantly and is leaving my skin soft and supple 😍 Plus it only contains beautiful, clean and natural ingredients! Definitely recommend! 🎉🎉

Tom Stone

Facebook: Tom Stone

Great shave oil and skin oil. Said good bye to foam and hello to comfortable shave oil only shaves. Skin feels so much better after the skin oil too. Highly recommend. Handy size and lasts for ages, also good for travel!

Emily Maple

Facebook: Emily Maple

I've got the new skin oil for combination skin (in the white bottle) and it's BEAUTIFUL. I swear it makes my pores smaller and my skin looks really smooth. Again, not greasy - it kind of gives me a matte look, if that's a thing? I feel like I don't need foundation. Love it.

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