Barrier Gold Kānuka Balm - 10ml


Pocket size Kānuka Balm - perfect for on the go!

Often compared to Tiger Balm, this product is a broad spectrum healing salve that can be used for a wide range of purposes. Kānuka Balm is made from only the finest ingredients, and contains no animal products. This pocket-sized 10ml container is perfect for carrying around in your car, handbag or first aid kit. Also available in a 45ml jar.
"A good all round skin rub."


Great for soothing bee stings, mosquito and sandfly bites, disinfecting cuts and abrasions, helping with acne and sunburn, moisturizing cracked lips and coldsores, relaxing sore muscles and stiff joints, and helping with thrush, athletes foot and eczema. 

Can be used for massage and as a natural lubricant. Can be ingested. Due to the exceptional quality of this item, you only need to use a very small amount at a time.

Handcrafted by Sven Stellin on Great Barrier Island - a remote island 88km away from Auckland that is mostly covered in mature native forest. Sven harvests most of the ingredients that go into Kānuka Balm from his farm in Port Fitzroy, which is only accessible by boat and air.


Key points:

  • Health properties: antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antivital, insecticidal, muscle relaxant and topical pain reliever.
  • Ingredients: olive oil, bees wax*, kānuka oil*, mānuka oil*, flax extract* and vitamin E oil.
  • * =  ingredients from the farm.
  • Brand: Barrier Gold
  • Size: 10ml
  • Shipping weight: 17g
  • Certifications: handmade, 100% natural, ingredients from the farm are organic and wildharvested.
  • Caution: do not use if allergic to bee stings or bee products, as this balm contains bees wax.


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