• Personal care that you can feel good about - An image of Manuka Essentials Shave Oil, Beard Oil, and Skin Oil bottles.

    Personal care that you can feel good about.

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Personal care that you can feel good about.

Supercharged skin oils.

Your beard's new best friend.

It's got the goods.

Want natural, effective personal care that does good stuff for the planet? You got it.

These folks cleaned up good:

"I've got the new skin oil for combination skin and it's BEAUTIFUL. I swear it makes my pores smaller and my skin looks really smooth. Again, not greasy - it kind of gives me a matte look, if that's a thing? I feel like I don't need foundation. Love it."

Emily B.

These folks cleaned up good:

"I've been using the Mānuka Essentials Beard Oil for the last 6 months. My beard is straighter, cleaner and softer then ever before. It's helped with previous acne scarring also. I love this product and will continue to use it again and again."

Cameron A.

These folks cleaned up good:

"The skin oil is fabulous... There is no doubt, it works! It feeds my (mature) skin & I can use it with confidence because I know all the ingredients are natural. At last, a product that is available for us 'mature sensitives'!"

Judith Q.

These folks cleaned up good:

"I love their skin oil. It’s amazing. I use it everyday on my face before I put on my moisturizer and makeup. I love it because it is completely natural and it leaves my skin feeling really hydrated."

Suzy H.

These folks cleaned up good:

"I bought this mānuka beard oil for my Dad and he loved it. My mother fell in love with him all over again. THE SCENT IS AMAZING!"

Priya D.

We’re on a mission.

Our Vision

You care about your wellbeing, the planet, and all the little critters.

Heaps more than words.

It feels good to buy things with nice words on them, like "plant-based" and "recyclable" and "organic" and "compostable" and "sustainable", but we get it - you’re tired of greenwashing.

You keep spending that cash money on products that make real good sounding claims, only to later discover that even though the label says “vegan”, the company sacrifices baby goats to the gods of capital. Or something like that. Uh, not cool, folks. 

Our products don’t just have nice words on them. They get the job done, and do good stuff along the way. They’re beyond sustainable - they’re renewable and regenerative.

That’s a helluva lot better than a bunch of words, eh?

Wanna learn more?

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