Introducing Michelle Joe - professional writer, adventurer and Manuka Essentials brand ambassador

We are thrilled to announce that Michelle Joe will be representing Manuka Essentials as our latest brand ambassador. You can find her on Instagram @onewaytik and with her writing business, Craft 'n Connect on Facebook and Instagram.

Skin Oil

Here are a few quick points about Michelle:

  • As an avid wordsmith, Michelle spends her productive time writing content for all kinds of companies (check it out -
  • Loves to travel, spends lots of time in nature, hanging out at the beach, enjoying music and dancing.
  • Being a lover of culinary delights, you can find Michelle at the latest food or coffee shop trying out all that's new in the world of delectable cuisine.
  • Although she is based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Michelle loves travelling and shares her experiences on her lifestyle blog, One Way Tik:
  • Enjoys meeting new people and forming new connections.


We asked Michelle what her top skincare tips are to maintain a glowing complexion and here's what she had to say:

1. Apply sunscreen to your face, no matter if it's cloudy or sunny. I like to wear moisturiser that has sunscreen combined with it, so you tackle 2 in 1.

2. Depending on your skin type, applying a charcoal mask once a week to combination skin helps with unclogging pores.


Michelle will be representing our skin oil. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!