Product review by Dow Barbershop - The Ultimate Beard Oil (Video)

Our friend, James Dowie of Dow Barbershop recently did a product review of The Ultimate Beard Oil from his store in Brisbane, Australia.


The main points that James covers are:

  • How we developed The Ultimate Beard Oil - by taking the best products on the market and improving from there.
  • What makes it unique - our beard oil is the only beard oil on the market that offers hygiene benefits.
  • What it smells like - "the first thing you notice when you apply this beard oil is the scent"
  • How much beard oil to use - "for a beard of my length, I've been using 3 drops" - each bottle contains roughly 600 drops (20 drops per ml on average), so if you use 3 drops every day, a bottle of The Ultimate Beard Oil should last for 6+ months. We recommend using 3-9 drops, depending on the length of your beard.
  • The results James has seen from applying The Ultimate Beard Oil. 
  • What is beardruff and how does beard oil help?
  • The road to reforestation - how mānuka plays an important role in bringing native forest back to New Zealand, and what that means to Manuka Essentials.
  • An exciting giveaway - visit Dow Barbershop and get a beard-related service to go in the draw to win one of two free bottles of beard oil (winners announced 1st September, 2019).


Without further ado, here's the video:


Manuka Essentials is a Kiwi company that makes premium natural cosmetics using mānuka essential oil as a key ingredient. Our long term goal is to help bring native forest back to New Zealand by creating demand for native plant extracts and supporting environmental activities around the country. Learn more about our vision here.